About Us

We are a fully integrated event management system that allows the possibility of running hybrid events.

Hybrid events has both the ‘live’ component of the event and at the same time a remote component to showcase and allow interaction at an event.

This provides flexibility and adaptability of any form of event organization based on the needs of the event host or audience. With the system fully integrated, an update from the backend will be easily replicated across all platforms be it the event site or the event mobile application.

In addition to our knowledge in events, we have fully customized and curated the necessary features to enhance interaction and engagement throughout the event and considers the sustainable aspect making this solution a cost-effective way to go as well.

All in all, we hope that our system would be a solution to the many troubles you have faced before especially so when we are All In One.


Optimise your events with our fully integrated event management system
This allows you to have access to the data any point n time


Our Solutions

With the combination of the AIO website and AIO mobile application, it allows you to run hybrid events as well

Expertise: Having a background with the knowledge of events, we have our in-house event specialist to support you through the project cycle.

Equipment: For any on-site requirements, you can reach out to us, our in-house AV team would be able to identify the necessary equipment to ensure a successful event.

Software: The software can be available for you to manage entirely to the limited accesses should your team prefers to manage the platform.

Design & multimedia: If you need to spice up the design and content, we can assist.

AIO Website AIO Mobile Application



We streamline the entire process from registration to check-in

Holistic Experience

More networking opportunities and information at their finger tips

Effective management

Always be on top of all details


Increase engagement

Interactive live polling and Q&As


Craft your own event page the way you want it

Optimise with data

Make sense of your data

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